BeatrizHerrera is a Montreal-based, Chilean-born multi-disciplinary artist, a hermitic luddite who loves robots. Her practice is centered on the intersections between flesh and machine, between beauty and electrical impulses, as well as the emotional charge between robot narratives and their place as visible markers of industrial and military power. She holds an MFA and BFA from Concordia University.  

Beatriz Herrera est une artiste multidisciplinaire établie à Montréal et née au Chili. Elle se décrit comme une "luddite hermétique" qui aime les robots. Son oeuvre se situe entre la chair et la machine, la beauté et les impulsions électriq ues, et entre les discours autour des robots et leur place comme symboles d'un pouvoir industriel et militaire. Elle possède un BFA et un MFA de l'université Concordia.


170 words about robots and drawing

Two threads run through my practice: Sculptural robotics and drawing.

Drawing breaks habitual limitations of thought. But, it also comes out of memory, never trustworthy. But memory can be seen as an internalized taxonomy of found objects: street dog packs; soccer matches in the garbage dump by St. Cecilia’s, Godzilla, marshmallow babies, climbing glaciers, receivables reports, Hello Kitty, a tumour that coiled inside me with its own teeth and hair, the Disneyesque ghetto that was Banff; prairies as oceans, sandstone cliffs as anatomical remains, sun parasites lazing, garbage hot dogs, hollow virgins grinning, soldiers glaring, subway workers repairing an L-line.

 ...Hardly the raw scrap to build slick new media robots out of.  So, instead, my machines tend to be slow and beautiful, a critique of the limits of human agency in our day to day technological default settings.  I use awkwardness and absurdity as a counter to the mythologizing of efficiency in our culture. There aren't always obvious connections between my broken bots and my drawings, but they're always feeding off each other.


27 brief notes on robotics and my studio work

...Robots are not invisible algorithms of control, like those that manage the daily running of the stock market. They exist in everyday fact and fiction. This is what gives them their charge. This is what makes them social animals as well as cost-effective machines for production and war...

27 brief notes  

Contact Me: Beatriz Alejandra Herrera bea@beatrizherrera.ca

detail of porker parker mural