Digital/robotics artist Erin Gee stopped by my studio to talk to me about my work for her blog: futurefemmes

...highlighting women in digital culture and producing interviews showcasing netart and cyberfeminism.

Erin's own ongoing robotic project, swarming emotional pianos, is super complex. It searches for ways in which to generate live music performed by hacked roombas. The compositions are generated by using sensor data from method actors 'emoting'. But even though her methodology is complex, the idea behind her work is simple: using robots to highlight the barely-perceptible subtlety of our emotional language in a new way. My own loves gravitate towards robotic sculpture and drawings. So, the video gaming universe is totally outside my ken. And I never would've come across artists like Angela Washko without Erin's coverage.
Drawing as Electronic Art
Herrera -
"Drawing is a connection between my brain and the world. And it helps me not panic. And it makes me laugh. And it surprises me."

...see the rest of the piece, and a ton of other artists via futurefemmes — Beatriz Herrera - July Artist Feature

Beatriz Alejandra Herrera is a Montreal-based visual artist who loves robotics, electronic arts, and contemporary drawing practices.