Tunnel book & Nautilus book


As our information and books become more digitized, my fascination for building huge and clunky books that humans can crawl into is becoming more absurd, and more urgent. These two projects were early attempts to build big three-dimensional, immersive books of code.

The Tunnel book is an actual type of pop-up book. This one was 6' x 6', ''open', and contained graphite drawings on paper and cardboard. The drawings were mounted on wheeled wooden frames with an expanding steel linkage as a spine. The outside skin was heavy paper folded exactly like old-fashioned camera bellows. The idea was that the viewer would be able to turn it and drag it to get different perspectives on the drawings contained inside. It was presented at Ateliers Jean-Brillant in 2010.





The nautilus was made to look like a shell, heavy flat board covered with plain raw muslin.
The inside contained graphite drawings on a blood red background you could only see by crawling right inside.
The panels were pinned with a steel hub and fit snugly into each other. 'Open' it was 5 feet in diameter, between 3 feet to 10” tall.