Robot Parasite drawings

Installation view of the Robotis Personae exhibition at the Eastern Bloc gallery, Winter 2015


...I can't get excited by the myth of modernity, or some other brave new world cleaved from all of previous human experience...

But I want to understand in some small way how our world is built – not as an engineer but, as an artist.
... And so, in a backwards, contrary way I always stop in the middle of everything I do. I'm not just interrupted by contracts and part-time work to make ends meet. I'm trying to avoid my own habits of logic. I constantly bounce back and forth between drawing, writing, sculpture and robotics.


I made the Solar Parasite and torn drawings during 2014 as part of the humo, leche, y miel series.

I was trying to... imagine a space for robots,

but... more than that... I keep trying to imagine what a machine chorus would sound like?

what would sheet music would look like if it was a code to replicate sound? The drawings were shown along with my production sketches, sketchbook and maquettes in the Robotis Personae exhibit at the Eastern Bloc in Montréal January 2015.

installation view of my production sketches at the Eastern Bloc gallery


Solar Parasite drawning at Eastern Bloc gallery

I made these two drawings at the same time as the humo, leche, y miel series of sculptures/robots.

production sketches, installation view