Pig playing the xylophone mural

Texts as a starting point for a drawing mural

Several years ago, I tried drawing out a temporary labyrinth of words with tempera: working in a 60 foot long polished brick hallway for three days straight I spat out a flurry of automatic writing. But the text and the drawn out paths didn’t work together. And figuring out how to combine drawings and texts is still something that fascinates me…

Through the DRAWARD initiative I was able to have an (roughly 10x10x10 foot) alcove on the 2nd floor of the Visual Arts building at Concordia University for eight months.I used four texts (see following page).

The rules for the drawing mural were simple: I could only use graphite powder and pencils.

The texts were assemblages.
For example: The poem Cannibalism and the Common Law (actual title of a real law book) was compiled in the Concordia Library’s Law section. Every couple of feet I grabbed a book at random, opened it at random, and wrote down the first paragraph my eyes landed on. I did allow myself to pick a line I liked from that found paragraph.  The drawing itself was completely unplanned. It took two months to complete working regular 8-10 hour days.

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