paper ship

Paper Sculpture Drawing

Spring 2011 I built this paper sculpture in an empty 4th floor lunchroom in Concordia’s Visual Arts building. 3 weeks and so much graphite powder most days I looked like a coal miner. The piece was suspended from the ceiling on rubber ribbon, and it was light enough that it moved when breezes blew in through the window.

making the Paper Ship

The first image in the gallery shows what is a pretty basic working methodology for all my projects: I drew up a careful master plan, drawing out patterns for each section of the paper sculpture, roughly calculating the number of pencils, liquid graphite, paper, rubber and hardware I would need… And then completely ignored the entire plan and decided to make it up as I went along. This is always helpful. I will be following a mental map that’s lodged itself into my brain. BUT a lot of the technical disasters I encounter building robots also happen because of this tendency. Ah well… I’m learning very slowly and very painfully to be a better technical planner…