Almost all of these paintings were painted in Banff, between 2002 and 2004 (the wood panels date from 2007-2008).

I never showed them anywhere. I had a long-term chronic illness and when I felt ok. I started painting. I’m not entirely sure what to think of them because they remind me of a time when I couldn’t parse out thoughts and language, sometimes I was ‘normal’ and some days I had trouble walking and breathing.

One clear image of this time:
Looking up from the couch, realizing there was a long blue stripe of fresh paint along the wall.

A fluffy white cat sometimes crawled in through the window to watch me paint, neither of us noticed the moment it dipped its tail in a bucket of blue paint and then began to rub himself against my walls.

I picked it up, headed for the sink did my best to wash the paint out, and… kitty was having none of it, equally freaked by it’s Pepe le Pew blue streak and the tub tap. Slit eyes and clawing, I dropped him in my tub and he fled in a mad wet streak of blue out the window and onto the roofs of Banff Avenue’s Buffalo Block. I never saw it again. But often wondered what the owners made of their drenched, blue-tinted cat… still… in a town where small pets were referred to as cougar-bait, I’m sure they were happy at getting back even a blue-tinted cat…
I went back to work. I know these visual forms are still with me.

Other people have exciting reasons for losing track of their 20’s. But I was living like a senior citizen. I sold one of the Banff canvases, and the rest were probably trashed when I moved East.