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Force and numerical illiteracy

I'm a numerical illiterate. My grandfather, a Universidad Técnica mathematics professor, later also tutored rich dumb children in a small room with a blackboard at the back of the house. Before I even learned how to read and write I

Blob – still not a rolling beast

Size matters!   Trying to build the blob 'robot' has shown me this better than anything.   And I don't want to abandon the Blob, but I'm far from getting it working the way that I want. I'm in love with

Dots magazine featured a beautiful article about the Robotis Personae exhibition that I was part of at the Eastern Bloc this Winter Beyond Blinking LED - Exploring Robotic and Organic Ecosystems at Robotis Personae...  icon-arrow-right 


Blob robot

it ‘s warm in Montreal! I hope this means that I’ll be human again, and that I’ll be able to finally, finally find a way to buy some metal and get back to work on a couple of projects, the

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Ode to St. Henri Studio

The most beautiful studio ever (In the not-rat-infested-Fattal-building) The Fattal lofts between the Turcot interchange and the railroad tracks on rue St. Remi, in St. Henri was one of the most beautiful spots I've ever gotten to live in. That's
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